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we can not push the wall but we can create space.

increase your storage capacity

Thanks to our wide range of products we can help you to increase your storage capacity

reduce cost

A properly laid out warehouse will reduce inventory and reduce obsolete stock

Bespoke solutions

Thanks to our wide range of shelving, racking and boxes we can offer you the solution adapted to your situation

improve productivity

A properly laid out warehouse will reduce order picking time

Thanks to our 20 years experience we can offer you the perfect solution taylored to your needs

Our expert will review in detail your specific requirement, survey your premises and understand the way you operate, in order to offer you the best storage solution to match your needs and offer the optimum layout to maximise your space.

Our realisations


Adjustable Pallet Racking or APR is the most common pallet racking system in use. This system enables the safe storage of both palletised and non-palletised loads. APR racking is cost effective easily installed and a versatile system.

We can help you to choose the right size and right capacity racking to match your needs. We will optimise the size of racking and layout to maximise your storage capacity.


Most of the stores required a certain amount of storage for full pallets and a smaller amount of items to be hand picked. We would have few products that could help you to mix these two requirements.


After a site visit and a comprehensive meeting to understand your needs and the way you operate, our designer will help you to realise the best layout for your warehouse. We will also advise you as to which type of forklift (Counter Balance, Reach Truck, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA),  Articulated Truck…) you could use to maximise the your storage solutions. 

The choice will be a compromise between maximising space available, the speed of pallet retrieval and the available budget.

Drive-in / drive thru racking

This form of high density storage is ideal to store a large quantity of the same products, as the pallets are stacked in rows. The drive-thru variant is ideal to control the flow of pallets (i.e. FIFO).

long length storage / cantilever racking

Long length like pipe, timber bale,steel profiles… required a special type of racking.

We can cover all your requirements:

  • In-door with painted racking
  • Out-door with galvanised  and optional roof
  • From 2m. length with the Mini-Cantilever
  • Large bale and heavy pallets
  • Optional decking to store standard pallets 


This is the most popular type of shelving for manually handed loads of all type, shape and form due to its flexibility, strength .

It is found in a large variety of place (garden shed, back store of most shop, spare parts/maintenance department, workshop, coldroom…)


We can design and offer you the best type of Mezzanine to suit your requirements being for pure storage, workshop or create office space.

Industrial wall
machine guard

We can create a protected space for safeguarding your work areas. Fully modular, these walls can be installed in a wide variety of combinations to enclose all sorts of spaces: heights and lengths can be mixed and different types of panels, including mesh, steel sheet and transparent polycarbonate.

Plastic boxes

We have a large range of plastic boxes and plastic bins to suit a wide range of products of all sizes and weight.

  • Parts Bins
  • Transparent tilt bins
  • Shelf Boxes / Shelf Bins
  • Euro Box
  • Assortment Boxes

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